a visit to MANAOAG

its been a long time since i visited manaoag...for those of you who havent been here, here are some pics i took...

ten years ago i was seating right here at this very same spot...i said goodbye  to my mother for the very last time as i leave the house without her knowing that her son is never coming back...i arrived at the church very early in the morning before heading to bolinao...i did it on purpose so that people wont see me there...ive been planning on something big, something really really big and im going to pursue my plan that day...my mom is a breast cancer survivor...im an only child and i never knew my father...we were poor and people always try to bring us down...i hated my life so much...a month before that, i started making a plan...a plan to end all of the pain, sadness and sufferings...i love the sun and the sea, its the place id rather be...im a swimmer, i love to swim, i like being in the water...my plan is to go to bolinao where they have beautiful white sandy beaches...once im there, i will swim as far as i could and then drown myself to death...i also prayed that the sharks will come and eat me as if i never existed...it was a beautiful plan...ok, back to the church...at that time, i already consider myself as full blooded atheist but i was born and raised catholic...i dont know why im here at this church...its been a long time since i last visited a church...i was just seating there for a couple of minutes doing nothing, i dont know how to pray anymore...it was very moving because as i was seating there, my life flashed before my eyes...and then finally i started to cry...the only words that came out of my mouth was "sorry"...i said im sorry...its funny because when i woke that morning, i dont feel anything...when you knew that you are going to die that day...you feel nothing, you dont feel like smiling, laughing, or crying...you are nothing...youre a dead man walking...after that, i headed to bolinao ...that was ten years ago...it happened at this very same month and im still here...miracle, faith? i dont know how you call it...all i can say is that i dont easily give up without a fight...this is my story...now im sharing it to the world...


  1. ang lawak ng blogosphere---lumibot ka lang and you willdefinitely meet a lot of wonderful people. I(f you want to build bridges---wag kang matakot to reach out for them. don't just wait for things to happen. make them happen. Why wait for somebody to come to you and offer their friendship when you can go to them and offer what you have top share.don't say sana mapili mo ang happiness---go for it. remind yourself ---it takes more effort to be unhappy......dumadami ang posts ha. cheers~~

  2. thanks bro...i will keep that in mind, lahat ng mga sinabi mo...if you saw the 6th picture slide on my manaog post, i wrote something there...you will get to know a lil of who asiong32 is...
    these pictures were taken yesterday, gaya mo mahilig din talaga ako magtravel kahit sa tabi tabi lang and meet people...since im on sick leave for a couple of weeks now, i have enough time na gumala...again, salamat ya balbaleg!

  3. I am also an only child of my Father who I barely know and I grew up a sad boy, without a childhood to remember.

  4. I was moved by your story....
    What i do whenever I have a problem or when I am down is that I tell myself that that this will pass & that things could be worse. Most of the time I know they're easier said than done...
    I grew up in Pangasinan & I always visit Manaoag whenever I'm home, but i never remember it being this beautiful.

  5. It doesn't matter what you use, asa kumukuha yun. You've got talent & you take pics coz it makes you happy di ba? Cheer up =)
    ibaling ang energy sa mga nakaka-appreciate sayo.
    I'm catching up now....
    You're welcome =)


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