my adventures in a day or two

my adventures in a day or two

If there is one day in my life that I would like to blog about, then this would be one of them. Sunrise, white sand beach, islands, caves, sunset and friends equals... the best day of my life!

Sunday April 19, 2015
Arriving in an island village around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The day when my friend told me that he was already planning on killing himself and his family. That he will poison his two little kids along with his wife. It was such a perfect timing that I was there and it wasn't a coincidence at all. God has a purpose for everything.

Monday April  20, 2015
Waking up early morning after sleeping in a boat. Now, at this point I am getting ready to join my friends in an island tour with some VIP's. I was told that they will be going to Black Island. I haven't been there and I always wanted to go there.

The cutest thing I saw after waking up in the boat was this adorable lil' puppy. 

Pass Island escapade. One of my favorite island in Calamianes.

After Pass Island, our guests headed to HUMA Resorts for breakfast. I finally made it to HUMA Resorts. I've been wanting to see how the island and the resort look like knowing that it is the most expensive resort in Calamianes. 

Black Island...a dream come true!
After seeing the island from afar, I immediately fell in love with it!

one of the caves in Black Island.

the view of the sunset while we were going home.

indeed it was one of the best day of my life...


  1. What a wonderful sight. I envy you for having all the time and chance to visit and live in a place like paradise. See you soon!


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