chasing the sun: lingayen gulf

Sunset at Lingayen Gulf



You can take everything I have




You can break everything I am




Like I'm made of glass




Like I'm made of paper




Go on and try to tear me down




I will be rising from the ground



Like a skyscraper




Like a skyscraper.




skyscraper by Demi Lovato

I was listening to this song while doing this post. I really don’t know what to say or write along with it. But the song really made a huge impact on me. So what a better way to present my new post and probably my last post this July is to incorporate some parts of the lyrics that represents me personally and with what I’m going through. That inspite of all these trials, I will rise up from the ground like a skyscraper. God Bless you all!




“When he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (Job 23:10)



It was nice meeting you Jon! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

at kay Jessica, sa wakas nagmeet na rin tayo. Ikinagagalak din kitang makilala.


  1. What good vibes. Thank you so much for believing in yourself again and for being my new best friend. Much love and all the best!

  2. ganda ng hue ganda ng angle ganda ng mga shots! imba ka talaga!
    at aside to that i really love that song

  3. Ganda nang sunset! Always been my favorite spot to see. Nakaka emo lang haha

  4. Good thing na mas na giging recent ka na mag post

  5. pre aus ah ng binabasa ko un unang word tapos un 2nd parang naisip ko na parang kanta, pero dahil minsan i emotero ka kaya binasa ko na lang sa huli un pala kanta nga pala.
    good vibes ito pre ah, nice shots pa rin.
    musta pre.

  6. i am a fan of sunsets and sunrise... both are promising signs of new hope and great beginnings.... will follow you from now on and will look forward to learn from your great shots!

  7. Nice song... Great message... I'm waiting for a post about kitakits niyo nila Jonathan ang JLo...


  8. Hi Balut here coming from Joanathan's "Metaphorically Speaking" blog.

    It's my first time on your site :) You have one great site here. I initialized a photo blog before but I always ended up posting a long story ha ha. But I still wish to have another one soon :)

  9. aww. namiss ko tuloy umuwi dyan. ;(

  10. Hi! Visiting from Jonathan's blog. And his description of you is very real as I can see sa nga pictures mo and the words with those pictures. I am your new follower:)

  11. @Jon...thank you Jon from the bottom of my heart.

    @trekker trail...thank you!

    @mecoy...salamat mecoy! sayang at di kayo nagkita ni Jon.

    @mar...yup, nakaka-emo sya talaga kaya mahilig akong magpicture ng sunset.

    @june...recent pag may time at pag may mahiram na computer. halos tatlong buwan din akong nawala sa baguio bro pero nakabalik nako ulit.

    @palakanton...uu pre, kanta nga sya. hehe. thanks bro!

    @yccos...thank you for dropping by and thank you for following. will follow you too! i heard about you from Jon. take care!

    @senyor...will write about our meet up soon pag may time. i heard so much about you from Jon. i hope to meet you in the future too!

    @balut...hi miss balut! welcome to my blog. i also heard about you from Jon. its nice to have a photoblog, masaya in a way kaya i-pursue mo po ulet yung photoblog mo.

    @olivr...san ka sa pangasinan bro? meet tayo one time pag nagbakasyon ka.

    @joy...hi miss joy! welcome to my blog and thank you for dropping by. i also heard about you from Jon!

    sa wakas nakapagblog din ulet. salamat po sa lahat ng nagcomment at bumisita. i really appreciate it!

  12. Thank you for the GFC follow I followed you back I'm your #264 follower :) See you around!

    And yes I'm thinking of doing another photo blog soon :)


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