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Asiong32 Year 2 : Anniversary Post #1

        It’s been six months I guess, since my last visit to Anda. The last time I was here was really a blast but this time its even more than that. Indeed, destiny has brought me back to this beautiful place. But what made this trip really special? Well, aside from seeing my good friend “adventure buff” and meeting new friends, it was “baby boy tondol” who made my stay worthwhile.

       You see, “baby boy tondol” is just a regular guy just like you and me who really loves to travel. He is kinda reserve, a shy person and he always keep his feelings to himself but if you get to know him…he is willing to open up and let you in to his world. Sometimes, he talks way too much but I can’t blame him coz he said that back at home he has no one to talk to. He said that he hasn’t had any conversation with anyone for a month now and he hasn’t been going out as well. Later I found out that baby boy tondol almost killed himself three weeks ago. He said that he already had enough. He is unemployed for two months now, no work, no money and only a few friends stood by him. He said that there’s no hope for people like him. I can really relate to what he is saying or what he’s going through. I asked him what made him decide to stay…to keep on living?

       “I want to travel more…there’s still so much more to see, so much more to visit, to explore, to photograph, so many people to meet and so much more to do”…he said.

       This is one of the happiest moment of my life…baby boy said. The tondol beach getaway is just what I needed. I was on the brink of losing my sanity but I found myself again on this island. I found my friends on this island. I realized that I don’t wanna end my life yet and that I’m afraid to die…that suicide is not the way. I always end up having suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts over and over again because of the thought that there is no hope anymore. I was wrong. I am wide awake now.

       I spent the last money I have left on this trip and now I’m officially broke…but it was worth it! Clearly, its really hard to leave a beautiful beach like tondol.

Come to think about it…Baby boy tondol was me!

      Thank you brother Dom for this trip. I really owe you one! To the rest of you guys, it was nice meeting you. I enjoyed your company and hope to see you again. turns two!

































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sorry at emo na naman ako. di bale sana last na to. ayoko na talagang maging emo. promise! hehe


  1. glad to hear from you again baby boy! looking fwd to read more of ur posts as these make us feel as if we're just sitting across talking to you eventhough we're mountains and mega traffic apart :) hang in there baby boy :) your Tondol family's praying for you :)

  2. eh eh andaming aso .. miss ko na magbeach

  3. Such a beautiful place! Having experiences like this certainly does make life worthwhile.

  4. Ikaw ba si baby boy tondol.. and glad you're hanging there at glad din na you had change your mind..

    there's always hope for everybody.. at ganun lang talaga ang life, sometimes we're up sometimes naman sa pinakababa tayo.. at minsan talaga di ba we need to experience and pinaka lowest part of life so that when we bounce back.. highest bounce we could ever make...

    :) laging my hope..

  5. Baby Boy, always remember you are not alone :) stay strong, everything happens for a reason. Di naman ibibigay ni Lord sayo yan, kung di mo kaya. Have faith, everything will fall into place at the right time, ang marunong mag-antay pinagpapala. Take care of yourself, smile always, it helps, always always think of happy thoughts and be grateful. Not everybody gets to enjoy life as you do.

    Good that you enjoyed the trip and realized that life is worth living. Live more, we have more places to go! :D stay alive, we have more adventures to tell! haha

    Take care, take care. I'm just a FB away.


  6. Baby Boy, you are a wonderful creation of God. Stay stong, for in every trial or circumstances you are in, HE is with you,ALWAYS! Jarvik is right everything will fall into places just lift them up to Him.

    You have a fantastic talent, your pictures are superb. Focus on doing what you do best and you will be more blessed. we, tondol pips are all so thankful to have come to know and spent time with you.

    You will be included in my prayers, stay alive and take care!

    Nins :)

  7. hi baby boy tondol! a friend who went with you to tondol shared the background behind the name "baby boy tondol" but reading this truly struck a cord. it's a blessing that you're okay now, and here's hoping i meet you next time dom plans another trip. sinabihan ko na siya to consider my schedule, hehe. god bless always!

  8. When we're at the bottom of the pit, there's nothing to see if we look down. But if we look up, we'll see the light. And light brings hope. Even if we see darkness, it's just the night. Tomorrow, surely there'll be light.

    As much as you are thanking us, we are thanking you. You did not only make the the trip more fun for everyone, you've made it even more meaningful too! Thank you Baby Boy Tondol.

    As the Holy Spirit said in our heading home prayer, "...thank You for giving us the rain, for it lets us better appreciate the sun". You know what, He gave us two suns to appreciate in Tondol, the sun of the Solar System and YOU! Keep the faith brother!

  9. And oh, those are wonderful pics! They're not only nice, they tell stories. Keep shooting!

  10. We have been looking everywhere for you, glad to know you're okay. Dude, we are just 2 hours away, can't wait for our next gig. Great things await us---be positive and hang in there.

  11. Isipin nalang natin meron pang mas mahirap ang sitwasyon nila kesa sa atin.
    Noon ganyan din ako kapag may problema feeling ko end na ng lahat.
    Ang ganda ng mga pictures, breath taking.

  12. seems it was fun! the destination, the beach surely does wonders, and not to forget the company. looking forward to your next post. i like the third person point of view.

  13. hello baby boy! thank you for joining us in tondol. just remember everything has its time. keep the faith always. pray as well. god answers all our prayer. keep in touch always. nice shots btw. love it!

  14. pang travel magazine shots mo asiong haha

  15. glad to hear u enjoy our company :) looking forward sa next trip ntn, sana maka tulog na ako nun hehehe :)always pray and have faith :) nice pic!

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  17. very nice pics. thank to share.. i love it.

  18. di ka man lang nagtawag...gusto ko din pumunta dyan eh,

  19. thank you for all of your comments! i really appreciate it and it really means a lot to me.

    God Bless!

  20. dogs , sea, sun , sky , nature... <3

    nice pics as always .. wag ng emo? :)


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