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On my way back to baguio I took the kennon road route again instead of marcos hi-way via a public utility vehicle.  You know, a lot of things happen inside a passenger van. Believe me, I’ve seen the worst! this time a woman is making quite a scene and caught everybody’s attention especially the driver. She said that she really needs to go and she couldn’t take it anymore. Unfortunately we are in the middle of  nowhere and it’s impossible for her to pee or to poop along the hi-way. Until we finally found a place with a bathroom. The van stopped for a couple of minutes and this is the view outside my window. Too bad I couldn’t get out of the van and take more pictures because I was stuck.





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  1. Wow, poor woman. At least u managed to take a shot of the waterfall.

  2. hehehe, may naisip akong juxtapose, yung pag pee or poo ng kakawang babae at ang agos ng maliit na waterfalls,hahaha diba talagang may cr na malapit sa waterfalls,kasabay ng pagbagsak ng tubig mula sa talon ay ang nagmamalaglag ng damdamin ng babae na makapaglabas ng kanyang saloobin.hehehehe cge text ka huh,hihi

  3. at nagbabalik ka,,, at dna namamansin.. haha!!
    pwede ba kong makiligo jan sa falls na yan? kasama na din jebs? haha!! lol XD

  4. wow...

    btw asiong, di kita makontak..eto # ko 09281417936


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