lost somewhere

I had a little adventure on my way to baguio. instead of taking the bus that day I decided to ride in a passenger van. its was all perfect, the sun was up and the weather is great…until the van had a major mechanical problem somewhere along camp 2 in kennon road. the driver said that he already called for rescue at will arrived approximately one hour. one hour?!? ok, we are stuck in the middle of somewhere and we have to wait for the rescue for an hour. so what am I suppose to do??? EXPLORE!!!
I was lost somewhere in kennon road…


the rest of the passengers stayed inside the van except for me. they might think that I’m crazy but they don’t know what they’re missing! it turns out that there is a small community nearby and guess what I’ve found?!







I wasn’t expecting this, it’s like serendipity! to give you an idea how magnificent the place is…in between this beautiful river are tall mountains. just imagine it…
from afar I saw this bridge linking the other mountain with a small community. note that this bridge is not part of the national hi-way. my goal now is find a way how to get there…



I made to the bridge! now take a look at the view…




the locals said that there is a nice waterfalls nearby. unfortunately my time is up, its almost one hour and I need to go back as fast as I could to the passenger van.
until next time kennon road…I will be back!

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  1. wow ang ganda... ang astig ng mga kuha.... i wanna go there to explore that too :D

  2. nakakainis.. u kept finding beautiful places unexpectedly. hindi ba yan ang dinadaanan papuntang cabanatuan? or mali ako?! grrr me and my 0% geography.. i texted u, nareceive mo?

  3. ganda ng river! buti na lang nag explore explore ka :) kung ako nakakita nyan baka nag swimming pa ako :)

  4. ganda ng picture nung bridge with rocks as forebackground :)

  5. great things can be discovered in the most unexpected places, buti na lnag mahilig kang magliwaliw!

    I love the bridge, may fascination ako sa mga bridges e,,, what a find, Asiong. You'll have to find a way to go back no para sa waterfalls? =)

  6. kung nangyari cguro sakin to 2yrs ago eh malamang magstay din ako sa loob ng van at maghintay ng rescue. but now im a changed person. natutu na akong gumala at magexplore. actually may isang adult passenger ang sumuway sakin. sabi ko naman sa kanya na kung saan saan nako nakasuot. mapabundok o dagat kaya wag xang mag alala. yanah ibng road ung sa cabanatuan. kay zai gus2 ko rin sna maligo kso subrang babaw ng nung river kya ngtampisaw n lang ako. at tina maganda nga ung bridge n may bato. kalokangpnay kung may extra money lng sna ako eh nagpaiwan n lng ako at hinanap ung waterfalls. at axl txt moko kung skaling magawi k ng bguio.


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