eye in the sky

eye in the sky

taken january 5, 2011. I was having second thoughts whether to post this or not but now I finally decided to. after work I went to mall of asia to watch the sunset. I don’t know why but I feel like watching the sunset that afternoon. I got lost inside the mall and ended up at the smx convention center area. I was surprised to see a church beside smx! I didn’t know that there was a church there. I went in and sat for a couple of minutes. I was depressed again that day. I was lost again somewhere and I hate it. I hate having the blues. a few meters away from the church is the bay area. I bought myself a popcorn and a bottled water and spent the rest of the afternoon at the bay. I left mall of asia at around 9 pm with a smile on my face. I was so happy that day that I couldn’t  explain why. after a week I decided to transfer the pics in my laptop and I was surprised to see an eye in the sky. who’s eye is it? still remains a mystery to me…











before the formation of the eye figure


now look closely, the eye in the sky…


here’s a close-up view








the eye is full of detail…don’t you think? up until now I still get goosebumps everytime I stare at this picture. now im sharing it to the rest of the world.


  1. clouds are really fascinating. when i was inflight last wednesday i can't resist to take a shot of a really amazing formations.

    this one is really at its great form.

    about joining on one of my trips... sure. you can add me on facebook so you can receive invites on some of the trips.

  2. nice shot ah! maganda talaga ng kunan ang langit! at kung eye nga siyang talaga, kanino kaya yan

  3. isa ang ulap sa pinaka favorite kong kuhanan..lalo na yung maulap talaga... at sunrise at sunset ang sarap kuhanan... nice shots par!

  4. ang ganda ng pagkaka kuha sa picture..like it

  5. pambihira ka di ka man lang nag text ang lapit ko lang dian eh.. sayang naman!

  6. kagaling sir ng kuha..

    salamat sir sa pagdaan sa bahay.. :)

  7. salamat sa lahat ng nagcomment, pasensya na po at medyo busy kaya ngayun lang nakasagot...

    @sir dong thanks, gusto ko ring makita yung mga shots mo sa mga clouds..

    @bino, tama ka. magandang kunan talaga langit..diko rin alam kung kaninong eye yan..hehe

    @moks, thanks! parehas tayo, angsarap talagang kunan ang sunrise at sunset!

    @diamond r, mata nga diba?!

    @emmanuel, thanks bro!

    @axl, wag na tampo, next tym itetext kita...hehe

    @istambay, salamat! salamat din sa pagtambay sa blog ko!

  8. hey sim, good day mate...thanks for dropping by!

  9. I love taking cloud shots, this indeed is a rare shot...truly God is watching us...


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