goodbye baguio...

goodbye finally leaving you for good. sometimes we have to make a decision, sometimes we have to make choices eventhough uncertainty lingers in the air and we have to live with that. and besides...i love change, im a big fan of change. it is in changing that we find our purpose. its hard for me to leave, i will definitely miss you. but im not sure if you will miss me too. but its ok, ill find my way somewhere else.

to be honest, im scared, very one is more scared than i am. i really dont know what awaits me when i leave you. for so many years you have given me strength, you have given me pain, joy, love, and have given me friends, you have given me enemies, you have given me shelter and you taught me how to survive, you taught me how to taught me how to live and how to die...but the most important thing is that, you taught me how to love...but how could someone or something that seems so real, turns out to be such a lie?!, you taught me how to hate so i have to teach myself how to let go and move on...with all that said and done, i guess i will not miss you at all.

i guess we were not meant to be. thats why im leaving you for good and willing to take the risk...

manila, here i come...asiong32 is now lost somewhere in the big city.


  1. @ tolits...uu bro, its sad pero i have to put my game face on no matter what kasi its a big risk talaga...bahala na...

  2. dear asiong,
    nabasa kita sa blog ni loilts. tulad niya, magaganda pics mo sa blog. hope you will find manila a good place to stay in. ingat lang at madami loko dito sa manila.

  3. @efd...salamat at nagustuhan mo mga pics totoo lang gusto ko nang bumalik sa baguio, parang gusto ko ng mag give up...siguro nag aadjust pa lang ako...pero tama ka efd, marami nga loko, kahit mga kaibigan mo eh kaya kang lokohin...hayyyy...somehow thats my first lesson na natutunan when i set foot here in manila. u

  4. dear asiong,
    thanks for reading my blog.
    if you need help, don't hesitate to call or text. ingat lang lagi.
    God bless.

  5. problem man. hey, if you're not busy, why dont you show me around the city or hang out sometimes and feed stray cats along the way. i think thats a good idea and then post it to our blogs. hehe...outside work, i really dont have friends here in manila so i would love to make friends as much as i could...

  6. dear asiong,
    i would gladly show you around. pag nakakuha ako free tickets to the pba, nuod tayo. kaso dapat ginebra tayo ha hehehe.
    my mobile number is 09228112275.

  7. cool! cge nuod tayo pba, dont worry maka ginebra din ako. i already got your number so kita kits soon..for now im getting ready to to home to pangasinan and baguio for the week and be back next week. i would love to teach children at the shelter as well as feed stray cats..napansin ko kasi na subrang daming stray cats dito sa manila...i have a story about that and pics of those cats, kwento ko sau pag nagkita tayo.

  8. paang ang lalim ng dahilan. ewan kung bakit pero parang nalungkot ako bigla.

  9. I left baguio in a hurry, naglayas lang ako nun, so hindi ako nagkaroon ng chance na magpicture picture, inaalala ko na lang sa utak ko yung mga bundok bundok habang nakatingin sa bintana ng bus.


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