kampana museum


After going to the capitol building and veterans memorial park, I went to the Lingayen public market to buy something to eat and then the church cought my attention. It was around 1:33 pm yesterday when i went there but unfortunately the church is not open. I was somewhat disappointed coz I was eager to get pictures inside the church but luckily i discovered something else! And there it was...behold the kampana museum! More of like napping place museum...marami kasing nagpupunta dito para umidlip.


  1. ei-- emil. masyado mo namang pinataba ang puso ko. baka naman sa heart attack ako mamatay nyan. di moko ginugudtym ha?lol

    pero seriously, kung ako mana naka-inspire sayo to blog, what can I say. I hope di mo pagsisihan ang pagbablog para di ako masisi. bwahaha. serious na talaga. Whatever it was that you saw in my blog which inspired you to write, I hope you stay true to that. It will be your roots and when you find yourself deviating from that someday, you will always find your way. just stay true to yourself and you will never go wrong. sorry for my rant. if you have been reading my past posts perhaps you have noticed that I tried to be as positive as possible although to admit me depressive disorder din ako, dati worse, ngyon unti nalang. I am learning the hard way and my blog is supposed to be a celebration of the good things in my life. I have a lot to be thankful for. Minsan nga lang, alam mo na , tao, di makontento , dahil sa ambisyun at kung anu anu pa, I wanted it all so I also get depressed. But I am trying to see the glass half full rather than half empty.Hope youi do the same. Happiness is a choice that we make everyday and I choose to be happy. Hope you do too.

    One more thing, I believe that a happy life is a social life---although it's a hit and miss process kaya yun, nafu-frustrate ka rin minsan like sa nangyari sa last blog post ko. But it should not stop us from seeking happy relationships diba? I hope you could still find inspiration in my next posts. After the rant naman ibabaon ko na sa lupa.

    Pareho tayong taga Pangasinan. that's a cool thing---although pinagpalit mo na ang Pangasinan sa baguio.hmmmp. yeah---hope magkita tayo minsan. for now, blogging will be our link to each other so keep those thoughts and those pics coming okay? cheers~~


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